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Avneet Not Verified London

Student’s home, London

£15/hr £25/hr

Benaebi Not Verified Saint Catherine

Online, Saint Catherine


Hello There! I’m a trained teacher of Mathematics and I have been teaching since 2014 and tutoring since 2015. My areas of expertise are high school mathematics inclusive of Additional Mathematics and Pure Mathematics for external examinations. I have taught students who have placed in the top ten in Jamaica in external examinations and I greatly enjoy preparing students for these exams! If you are desirous of improving for the purpose of getting better grades, I’m here for you too! Whether it’s algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics and probability or even introductory calculus, I can help!

Bilal Not Verified Luton

Online, Luton

£15/hr £20/hr

I have been teaching mathematics and physics to student for couple of years. I always believe in making them understand the base of everything. Foundation is main thing so if you know the logic or formula basing the rest, things become really easy.

Bo Not Verified London



Brajan Not Verified Beckenham

Online, Beckenham

£15/hr £N/A/hr

Hi, my name is Brajan. I am currently a Gap Year student with an unconditional offer to study Medicine. At A-Levels I achieved 4A*s in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology as well as an A* in EPQ, writing a 10,000 word dissertation on the emergence of antibiotic resistance, its real causes, and the potential consequences of resistant bacteria on global health. At GCSE I achieved 11 qualifications at A*-A. When it comes it tutoring, I am a strong believer that learning is not simply about getting the right grade. Far from it! Instead learning should be about ensuring that you…

Carly Not Verified Woking

Online, Woking


I am a committed, qualified teacher with 7 years of experience and a TEFL Masters qualification, able to teach all subjects across the primary curriculum and ESL. I am passionate about building my students’ confidence and understand that we all learn in different ways. I can make learning tangible and fun, in order for them to achieve their maximum potential and apply that to their work independently. I love to learn myself; I adore reading and all things historical. I pride myself on getting to know my students extremely well and thoroughly enjoy supporting them academically and pastorally.

Chante Not Verified Surrey

Online, Surrey

£30/hr £30/hr

I am a friendly, approachable tutor with over 5 years experience teaching mathematics. I emphasise the role of improving confidence in learning as this often is the number one barrier to progress. I have worked with a number of students, getting pupils their 9 in GCSE or the pass they desperately need. I have also worked with entrance exam students. Students have had offers to Wilson’s, Trinity, Croydon High and Royal Russell to name a few.

Chanyanut Not Verified Birmingham

Online, Birmingham

£20/hr £25/hr

Hi, I am tutoring mathematics at any level. I am confident that I have the knowledge and certain skills to help my student by a positive environment and certain techniques to learn Mathematics to meet your goal 🙂 alongside with consultation with any problem you are struggling with within Maths. I am looking forward to having a lovely session with you.

cosman Not Verified guildford

Online, guildford

£25/hr £30/hr

I am an ambitious, enthusiastic, excellent and dedicated young Mathematics and Science educator and classroom practitioner. Very innovative and can demonstrate excellent communication skills, flexibility and creativity with potential of career progression in the teaching field. A teacher and research who has been teaching physics and mathematics for the past 12 years. A team player who will provide to the institution and learners with a learning environment which is caring, motivating and supportive, allowing all cultures within the community to achieve their personal best. An outstanding practitioner possessing vast exemplary subject knowledge and a proven track record of improving pupil…

Cynthia Not Verified London

Online, London

£30/hr £35/hr

I have 18 years experience teaching students of all ages around the globe. My teaching style is intuitive and bespoke depending on the student and the focus of the tutorial (i.e. confidence building, study skills, specific learning objectives of certain subjects). I provide a safe learning space that enables me to guide and focus the student. I have been described by students as having inspired and guiding them in a firm yet gentle way. Firm in the sense I understand the destination we are needing to arrive at, but gentle enough to allow the student to feel at ease and…

Daiyan Not Verified London

Online, London

£12/hr £0/hr

I’m a second-year student at The London School of Economics and Political Science

Damani Not Verified Kingston

Online, Kingston

£15/hr £20/hr

I have a wide bredth of knowledge and experience in teaching Mathematics, IT, Management skills and Life skills. My approach is to be practical, polite and versatile in my teaching style. By combining my passion for helping people to become the best version of themselves, and over 10 years of practical experience in the field of Computer Science (5 of which has been spent in a managerial capacity); I will help you to succeed… both in the areas I tutor and at life.