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Tania Not Verified London

East London, London

££8/hr ££8/hr

I am currently studying her first year at University of Cumbria. I have excellent communication skills and teamwork skills. I am creative, friendly and respectful towards others. She also demonstrate initiative when working with others.

Tania Not Verified London


£20/hr £20/hr

I am currently a student on a gap year, having recently finished my A Levels, where I studied Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics at A Level, as well as AS Level Further mathematics. In terms of the resources I am able to use to help my students, having recently sat the new specifications for both my GCSE`s and A Levels, I am very familiar with the different websites and resources that are available, and can provide realistic tips and advice on which are the best/ most effective to use when revising. In addition to this, I still own many of my…

Tanya Not Verified Kingston

Online, Kingston


My teaching journey has been in both the USA and Jamaica. I have over 20 years of teaching Mathematics with 11 years as an IGCSE Mathematics teacher. I strive to provide all of my students with the best learning experience possible so that they have the greatest opportunities in the future. I have the ability to enthuse and encourage my students to reach their full potential.

Teao Not Verified London


£20.00/hr £25.00/hr

I'm a maths graduate from the university of Bath with a strong understanding of calculus and statistics as well the basics of coding. I have experience tutoring for GCSEs and feel confident with teaching A level mathematics.

Umesh Not Verified Noida

Online, Noida


Masters in Maths and Physics from India’s No. 1 Institute. In 2007 University College London offered Ph.D. Research Position. All India Ranker in Physics and Maths Competitive Exams. More than 12 Years of Experience of Working in India and USA. More than 5 years teaching Experience. Expertise in Maths and Physics from School level to University Level.

Woniqua Verified Kingston



Passionate and experienced teacher of Maths who engages in continuous professional development, most recently completing IBDP workshop training in Mathematics, analysis and approaches, category 3.

Zarafshan Not Verified London


£15/hr £20/hr

Hello, I have 3 years teaching experience I love working with the kids, I really enjoy teaching them and I use different technique to interact with them and to teach them. I have done bachelors in Computer Science and currently doing Masters in Computer science as well.

Zoe Not Verified London

Online, London

£30/hr £30/hr

Hi! I’m a Primary School teaching assistant with experience teaching core subjects and phonics. I have taught whole classrooms in early Primary Levels. My qualifications are in drama, theatre practice, and literature. I can teach these subjects to all Primary and Secondary Levels, including GCSE and A-Level. My teaching style is immersive and fun, but all classes are tailored to meet the needs of each individual student. Please contact me if you are searching for a tutor in any of the subjects mentioned above and I would be happy to arrange a trial session. I look forward to hearing from…

Zohim Verified London

Online, London

£15/hr £20/hr

I am a recent Theoretical Physics graduate from the University of Cambridge and am due to start in PhD in October 2021. I have 6+ years os tutoring experience in Maths and Physics and have tutored GCSE and A level stduents from all the major exam boards.