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Hi, my name is Brajan. I am currently a Gap Year student with an unconditional offer to study Medicine. At A-Levels I achieved 4A*s in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology as well as an A* in EPQ, writing a 10,000 word dissertation on the emergence of antibiotic resistance, its real causes, and the potential consequences of resistant bacteria on global health. At GCSE I achieved 11 qualifications at A*-A.

When it comes it tutoring, I am a strong believer that learning is not simply about getting the right grade. Far from it! Instead learning should be about ensuring that you develop a strong fundamental understanding of the subject. This will then help you institute an intellectual framework, enabling you to build on your understanding of the subject as you tackle more complicated ideas and concepts later on. In following this model, I believe that you will not only become confident in your knowledge of a subject, but will be able to apply that knowledge to an unfamiliar context which is what often exams questions will require you do to.

I am a passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated tutor. In the past I have had some limited experience helping students and friends who were struggling to better understand. My main aim will be to first identify the areas that the student is struggling on and then help them to improve and master their understanding of the topic. Along the way, we will also practice exam-style questions, with the difficulty increasing as we progress. However, I will also aim to challenge students by posing thought-provoking questions to them in order to encourage them to think deeper about the topic and hence improve their understanding of it. I will, always aim to challenge my students above and beyond but will always be there to support them along the way. However, beyond all of this, my central aim will be a simple one; to institute the same passion and academic curiosity that I have for the subject, onto the student because, ultimately, it is curiosity and interest that drives true success in a subject.

Outside academics, I love to play tennis. I am also an aspiring article writer on topics such as natural science, technology and space.


  • University of Cambridge
  • Whitgift School
  • St Mary's Catholic High School

Teaching Experience

  • A-Levels
  • GCSE