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Abhi Not Verified London

Online, London

£17/hr £20/hr

To whom it may concern, I believe i’d be ideally suited to this role. My time studying under my Chemistry and Biology teachers during my sixth form in 2012-13 was some of my most productive and inspired times as a student. I hope to translate that same enthusiasm and passion through tutoring lessons online here that was shown to me back then. I have a holistic and intuitive approach to teaching, one that was refined and improved upon when I was teaching as a science and maths teacher in an International Boarding school in Italy through 2018-19, and despite being…

Abigail Not Verified Wyoming

Online, Wyoming


Hi! My name is Abigail, and I love helping students learn! I have a B.S. in Microbiology with a minor in Physiology, and I also love physics, math, chemistry, and writing. Having taken the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and GRE and passed them all with flying colors, I am more than happy to help with exam prep as well. I have been tutoring in these subjects and more for nearly 5 years and am ready to use my expertise to help you succeed academically.

Ainsworth Not Verified Spanish Town

Online, Spanish Town


Hi guys, I’m a young practicing economist. I have a passion for the world of economics and also a passion to teach it. If you need help at any level I’m your tutor.

Amal Not Verified London

London, London

£15/hr £25/hr

I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate, passionate in teaching. I have 3 years of experience in teaching Maths, and Science up-to GCSE level. I Scored A* grade in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in A-levels. In past 3 years i have taught more than 200 students. I also adept in teaching A-level maths.

Amardeep Not Verified London

Online, London

£20/hr £20/hr

My previous work experience includes teaching students of all ages at different institutions both in the UK and in China. Recently, I have been teaching Business and International Trade majors Reading and Writing in English for academic purposes at the Jiangsu Institute of Commerce, a vocational college in Nanjing. Formerly, I educated students at Shangqiu Normal University in Conversational English. Their majors were, Education, Business and Translation. And before that, I worked at AIDI International School teaching kindergarten, primary, middle and high school students and other staff members English as a Foreign Language. My first job as an educator was…

Ambreen Not Verified London


£20/hr £35/hr

I am enthusiastic about education and always strive to do the best for my students. I am able to take on responsibility for learning and have experience of successfully managing it. A good teacher-student relationship is crucial when teaching and found that this led to many positive student outcomes, such as teamwork, better communication, and productivity. A key part of my career is helping students to reach their potential, which I work towards by focusing on cooperative learning when teaching. I have lived in Middle East for 25 years and now in England for the past 10 years. My experience…

Angela Not Verified London


£25/hr £25/hr

I am very enthusiastic about education and inspiring young people to continuously acquire knowledge and progress into higher education. I tutor mainly in Chemistry and Mathematics disciplines up to A-Level, having majorly taught at GCSE level. I have over 900 hours of teaching experience to date, as well as a Chemistry degree from Queen Mary, University of London under my belt. I work on building a mentorship with the student in which naturally, I would apply a teaching strategy that would compliment the student's individual learning style or demands. I work on identifying knowledge gaps early on, and create formal…

Anna Not Verified montescudaio

Online, montescudaio

ANNE Not Verified LONDON

Online, LONDON

£25/hr £20/hr

Based in North London, I prefer to teach female student at the moment. I acquire through my study towards my qualification BA MATHEMATICS very good communication skills both verbal and written in Mathematics. Experienced Maths tutor , GCSE and As Level. A Level I understand the difficulties students do encounter whilst studying towards their exam , GCSE , AS/A Level and I am prepared to help them . Answer all Mathematics queries within the syllabus. Help with the work given by the student as requested. Worksheets on the various topics and past exam papers with answers and explanation provided. Try…

ANNE Not Verified London

Student’s home, London

£45/hr £30/hr

Experienced Maths tutor, GCSE, AS/A Level, Functional skills 2, one to one girls /ladies. I understand the pressure student do have whilst studying and I try the best to alleviate the weight by giving worksheets with answers to do on various topics covering the relevant exam. It is by doing you acquire the knowledge ,in particular in Maths when you tend to forget quickly. By appointment . Home visit. Please note I do not work on Saturday and Friday .

Annie Not Verified London

Online, London

£50/hr £50/hr

I am a full-time tutor teaching maths and computer science to all ages. I graduated in maths and computer science and went onto working in software engineering. However, I realised my passion is in teaching, hence I now tutor full time and work on a variety of teaching projects helping people learn.

Asha-Gaye Not Verified Saint Andrews

Online, Saint Andrews

£20/hr £15/hr

“Asha”, translated from its Indian and African origins means “life” and “hope”. This encapsulates in two syllables, my ultimate mission: “to lead the next generation, as a beacon of hope rising from the West (Indies).” I aim to accomplish this through my work in education and development. I have a keen interest in youth development, economics, mathematics, and statistics. My teaching experience dates as far back as my very own primary school years where I would teach my peers and then, I subsequently went on complete basic teacher training in Mathematics education at the tertiary level. I am a First…