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Ramaine Not Verified Saint Catherine

Online, Saint Catherine


I am an enthusiastic and forward-thinking science educator of a diplomatic nature; intent on cultivating trusting and productive relationships with students and parents. I am focused on building connections with students to strengthen their areas of challenges so they can realize their fullest potential by providing a stimulating and harmonious learning environment. I have expertise spanning all three core sciences. I am passionate about science education as it will form an integral part of the next century.

Ravi Not Verified London

Online, London

£9/hr £12/hr

Enthusiastic Post graduate With Science Background completed Msc in Computer Networks. Student oriented to feed the concepts from roots. Making the Peaceful learning environment to achieve the outstanding grades.

Roxanne Not Verified Welling

Online, Welling

£20/hr £30/hr

I am an MSc Molecular Medicine graduate from the University of York (specialism: cancer biology). I am currently training to become a Science Teacher. I have previous experience as a TA, Sports Leader and Biology Ambassador. I have strong subject knowledge and first hand experience in scientific research.

Sadiya Not Verified London

Online, London


I am a highly motivated and hardworking individual having achieved a first class degree and the top mark out of all students in my course. I have experience in tutoring students in English, maths and science at various levels. This has enabled me to have up to date knowledge of these subjects. My tutoring style is always consistent with previous lessons. I always go through a PowerPoint presentation to introduce and explain the topic. After the PowerPoint presentation I use worksheets and exam style questions to test the students knowledge based on what has taught. I feel that working as…

Safah Not Verified Middlesex

Online, Middlesex


I am a dedicated tutor with over 5 years tutoring experience along with a placement experience in a school establishment. I teach a range of years from KS1 through to A-level, with my main tutoring success stemming from teaching GCSE and A-level students exact and precise exam techniques to enable them to get the highest marks possible. I have studied Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Textiles for my A-levels which allowed me to study for a Masters in Pharmacy at UCL where I was awarded a Certificate of Pharmaceutical Studies and then went into teaching shortly after. I currently mainly focus…

Saleh Not Verified Nottingham

Online, Nottingham


Hiya, I’m Sal, a masters in Biochemistry student and trained professional tutor with over 3 years experience and over 24 students all-together. I can tutor any science at ks3 to GCSE level and higher for biology. I tutor mathematics ks2-GCSE by exposing weaknesses and fixing them with practice questions and easier well understood steps to the correct answer. I have received excellent feedback from tutees for both subjects. While I adapt my teaching methods with each student, I believe in general subjects should be relatable and the main fundamentals should be laid for further knowledge to be built upon. For…

Samuel Not Verified Lagos

Student’s home, Lagos

£3000/hr £3500/hr

A well groomed Graduate, theoretically equipped and practically skilled with adequate knowledge in teaching Physics with proven communication skills. i get to know my student first before i now decide on the teaching method i need to apply. I have worked with over 60 students and their level of understanding Physics drastically increased. I am good at handling both children and adults.

Sanoja Not Verified London

Online, London

£30/hr £35/hr

I am a student who graduated with a high 2.1 in Biology from the University of Kent in July of 2020. I am looking to become an online tutor and help students in areas they are struggling with and help improve their understanding of certain topics. I am passionate about science and am always looking to learn more despite having gradated, by regularly reading recent research papers and keeping up-to-date with new scientific findings. In addition, I am keen to share this knowledge and methods of learning from my experience with students. Especially with the current pandemic and school closures,…

Seyma Not Verified London

Online, London

£30/hr £35/hr

The most fundamental and impressive skills I have that are extremely essential as a tutor are active-listening, computing, interpersonal skills, leadership, management, problem-solving, transferable skills and time-management skills. In addition to my natural capabilities, I have gained numerous skills from various work experiences along with my academic achievements, consisting self-reliance, negotiating and persuasion, perseverance and motivation, confidence, resilience and analytical skills.

Sherine Not Verified Manchester

British Virgin Islands, Manchester

£$15 per hour/hr

I am an accomplished Chemistry Teacher with a solid background in successfully working with students, parents, teachers, support staff and administrators. I have a growing career with successes in helping students to become well rounded individuals many of whom have gone on to have established careers in major institutions of the society. My work as a teacher focuses on providing an educational atmosphere where students have the opportunity to fulfil their potential for intellectual, emotional, physical and psychological growth. In this role, I teach all areas of chemistry and ensures the whole education process, playing and learning is fun for…

Sheyda Not Verified london

Online, london

£25/hr £30/hr

I am currently a MSc Business Management Graduate from the University of Surrey. I have also completed my Undergraduate degree in History. I hold A-levels and GCSEs in all the subjects I tutor, please contact me for further information. I have had over a year tutoring experience whereby I have previously tutored at homes of students and online. My teaching style is working with specifications provided by the National Curriculum to ensure that all exam style questions are approached and answered with full understanding of the student. I am extremely knowledgeable with the current curriculum and exam boards and extremely…

Tania Not Verified London


£20/hr £20/hr

I am currently a student on a gap year, having recently finished my A Levels, where I studied Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics at A Level, as well as AS Level Further mathematics. In terms of the resources I am able to use to help my students, having recently sat the new specifications for both my GCSE`s and A Levels, I am very familiar with the different websites and resources that are available, and can provide realistic tips and advice on which are the best/ most effective to use when revising. In addition to this, I still own many of my…