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Abi Not Verified York



Originally from the UK, I am friendly and encouraging, and I am happy to help with a range of different English problems. My specialties include: conversational English, exam practise, and interview preparation lessons. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a TEFL qualification, and have spent a lot of time teaching and helping in different schools. My friendly nature, passion to help others learn, and my commitment to individual needs and research make me the perfect candidate for anyone wanting that extra help in practising English! Learn and practise at a pace that suits you and enjoy this opportunity!

Abigail Not Verified Wyoming

Online, Wyoming


Hi! My name is Abigail, and I love helping students learn! I have a B.S. in Microbiology with a minor in Physiology, and I also love physics, math, chemistry, and writing. Having taken the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and GRE and passed them all with flying colors, I am more than happy to help with exam prep as well. I have been tutoring in these subjects and more for nearly 5 years and am ready to use my expertise to help you succeed academically.

Akalia Not Verified



Teaching has always been a passion of mine. I enjoy nurturing young minds and allowing them to find solutions to situations. Through interactive games and activities, students are able work on their weaknesses and improve. Continuous practice on any tasks /activities will lead to consistent improvement.

Alex Not Verified Witham

Online, Witham

£25/hr £25/hr

I have over 20 years experience as an educator. While completing my PhD in English literature, I worked as a part-time lecturer at the University of Kent. Since 2002 when I qualified as a teacher, I have taught in the classroom and tutored face to face and online to a wide range of students from Year 7 to undergraduate. I also have experience as an Examiner for GCSE and A level English..

Amna Not Verified London


£19/hr £35/hr

Passionate professional who believes that knowledge is the only wealth that increase as much as you share. Having multiple years of teaching experience, I believe that a good skilled teacher is one who understands the psychology of the student and make them learn thing's according to their mental capacity.

Anna Not Verified Leeds



Having recently graduated from University, my brain is filled with the writing/ reading/ studying tips that I accumulated over the last 3 years. Having studied Art&Design, my field of expertise lie in fine art, history of art, English language and humanities subjects, which I studied during my A-levels. Having had experience with being both Tutor and student, I hope I can provide help that is both effective and (somewhat) enjoyable:)

Anosh Not Verified Glasgow


£50/hr £40/hr

Anoushka Not Verified Surrey

Online, Surrey


I studied Comparative Literature and French at university, as I love connecting with people from all over the world. In the build up to my GCSEs and A-Levels I had excellent tuition myself and therefore would love the opportunity to give back and help students in return and work alongside their curriculum. I also have experience teaching English to foreign students. During my Erasmus year abroad, I tutored a teenager in English as a foreign language and after I obtained my TEFL qualification of 120 hours, I tutored English to a student via zoom.

Anuja Not Verified Bhopal

Online, Bhopal


I have successfully completed my graduation and post-graduation in English Literature and have been the batch topper in both the degrees. I have taught English Literature and English Language along with Business English to undergraduates at The Bhopal School Of Social Sciences college. My skills are creative writing, content writing, literary criticism, Business English, computer skills, online skills, teaching, script-editing, acting and directing plays, public speaking, Hindi and Sanskrit languages. I have won several awards in drama and other literary activities and have actively participated in events related to the literary societies.

Ara Not Verified London

Online, London


Through my previous education and tutoring history at AS-A2 Level, I have acquired a key set of particular skills that are fundamental to teaching in an effective and student-dependant manner. I have learnt how to adapt teaching skills and method to suite that particular student in their style of learning. As a professional aspiring towards a career in teaching, I have acquired a passion for learning – The excitement of learning new knowledge in relation to different academic subjects is what drove me towards completing my undergraduate degree, and working towards building a career in teaching. Thus, I have a…

Arushi Not Verified London


£25/hr £30/hr

Asha-Gaye Not Verified Saint Andrews

Online, Saint Andrews

£20/hr £15/hr

“Asha”, translated from its Indian and African origins means “life” and “hope”. This encapsulates in two syllables, my ultimate mission: “to lead the next generation, as a beacon of hope rising from the West (Indies).” I aim to accomplish this through my work in education and development. I have a keen interest in youth development, economics, mathematics, and statistics. My teaching experience dates as far back as my very own primary school years where I would teach my peers and then, I subsequently went on complete basic teacher training in Mathematics education at the tertiary level. I am a First…