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Through my previous education and tutoring history at AS-A2 Level, I have acquired a key set of particular skills that are fundamental to teaching in an effective and student-dependant manner. I have learnt how to adapt teaching skills and method to suite that particular student in their style of learning. As a professional aspiring towards a career in teaching, I have acquired a passion for learning - The excitement of learning new knowledge in relation to different academic subjects is what drove me towards completing my undergraduate degree, and working towards building a career in teaching. Thus, I have a positive attitude and am keen to motivate students to want to progress in their academic careers to the best of their ability. I understand that the role of the tutor is not only to teach, but to inspire. Every student, particularly in their early stages of education, requires that guidance and support from another. I believe I would be an excellent candidate for the role as I am committed to work with each student to help them get the best possible results they can. I am able to communicate clearly and have acquired excellent leadership skills which will help me guide the students, keeping them on task.


  • Kings College London

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  • Primary
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