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Abigail Not Verified Wyoming

Online, Wyoming


Hi! My name is Abigail, and I love helping students learn! I have a B.S. in Microbiology with a minor in Physiology, and I also love physics, math, chemistry, and writing. Having taken the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and GRE and passed them all with flying colors, I am more than happy to help with exam prep as well. I have been tutoring in these subjects and more for nearly 5 years and am ready to use my expertise to help you succeed academically.

Alireza Not Verified London

Online, London

£20/hr £35/hr

I have a PhD in Chemistry/Biology (biochemistry) from Australian Nationa University. I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at University College London, recipient of highly prestigious Newton fellowship from Royal Society. I have extensive teaching experience in high school and university environments.

Amardeep Not Verified London

Online, London

£20/hr £20/hr

My previous work experience includes teaching students of all ages at different institutions both in the UK and in China. Recently, I have been teaching Business and International Trade majors Reading and Writing in English for academic purposes at the Jiangsu Institute of Commerce, a vocational college in Nanjing. Formerly, I educated students at Shangqiu Normal University in Conversational English. Their majors were, Education, Business and Translation. And before that, I worked at AIDI International School teaching kindergarten, primary, middle and high school students and other staff members English as a Foreign Language. My first job as an educator was…

Amna Not Verified London


£19/hr £35/hr

Passionate professional who believes that knowledge is the only wealth that increase as much as you share. Having multiple years of teaching experience, I believe that a good skilled teacher is one who understands the psychology of the student and make them learn thing's according to their mental capacity.

Dilshad Hossain Not Verified London

Online, London

£10/hr £12/hr

• A competent civil engineer with highly motivated and leadership skills having experience in coordination with design team, consultants & contractors and ensuring timely deliverables • Expert in implementation of new processes • Eager to learn new technologies and methodologies. • Always willing to innovate new things which can improve the existing technology. • Excellent communication, learning & presentation skill. • Highly motivated and eager to learn new things. • Strong motivational and leadership skills. • Ability to produce best result in pressure situation. • Ability to work as individual as well as in group.

Kayann Not Verified



I have been a teacher for over 13 years. I have taught students from all strata of society and establish excellent rapport with all groups I have taught. I am very disciplined and organized with respect to the execution of my duties. I also care very deeply about my students actually understanding concepts and so regularly extend myself in their behalf.

Mark Not Verified London


£22/hr £26/hr

A chemical engineering professional in the energy industry and a private tutor…Been tutoring privately (part time) for over 12 years in maths, chemistry, physics , engineering , accounts, ……to pupils.. My tutoring approach is interactive, explaining concepts and principles clearly to enable pupils become confident in solving and answering questions.. I work through plenty of examples and questions to develop confidence..Pupils I have tutored have all improved and done well in tests and exams..

Moaz Not Verified London


£15/hr £20/hr

I am a Masters’ student at university college London (UCL), studying molecular genetics. My first degree was from Middlesex university where I graduated in Molecular Biology and Chemistry. I have lately been working as a tutor for 2 different employers, one of which happened to be also working with social children welfare teams. So, apart from working as merely a teacher of Science, I also have experience working with not just biologically special children, but also with parentally neglected children or those who have been a victim of some sort of domestic abuse. Both the experience had been massively positive…

Nirosha Not Verified Greenford

Online, Greenford

£25/hr £30/hr

I am a senior scientist at a leading university on London. I have completed my PhD in molecular biology with a distinction and have been working in academia since 2003. I am actively involved in teaching as a lecturer and a postdoctoral scientist. I am also working as a private tutor for more than 5 years tutoring students from KS1 – KS4, GCSE and A levels and my subject areas range from combined sciences, Biology to molecular biology and biochemistry. I am enthusiastic about making science interesting for children. Instead of just facts and figures, I like to make science…

Seyma Not Verified London

Online, London

£30/hr £35/hr

The most fundamental and impressive skills I have that are extremely essential as a tutor are active-listening, computing, interpersonal skills, leadership, management, problem-solving, transferable skills and time-management skills. In addition to my natural capabilities, I have gained numerous skills from various work experiences along with my academic achievements, consisting self-reliance, negotiating and persuasion, perseverance and motivation, confidence, resilience and analytical skills.