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A Not Verified GERMANY


£15/hr £25/hr

Annie Not Verified London

Online, London

£50/hr £50/hr

I am a full-time tutor teaching maths and computer science to all ages. I graduated in maths and computer science and went onto working in software engineering. However, I realised my passion is in teaching, hence I now tutor full time and work on a variety of teaching projects helping people learn.

Ganga Not Verified London

Online, London

£15/hr £20/hr

Hakan Not Verified Malmö

Online, Malmö

£35/hr £40/hr

Software development, Physics, Maths and Statistics have been themes throughout my career. This has been applied to various contexts like wave propagation, solution of large systems of equations, analysis of labour market data, clustering and time series analysis from different realms. Environments involved have ranged over Fortran, Matlab/Octave, SQL, Java, SAS, Python, C et.c.. On top of that, I have taught extensively in undergraduate and graduate courses in Computer Science, Physics, Science, Applied Maths and Statistics. Have been a supervisor for Master Level theses, lectured and led lab sessions. Have been a private tutor in the mentioned subjects self employed…

Marissa Not Verified London

Online, London

£25/hr £50/hr

Hi my name is Marissa, I have experience working with children in a classroom setting because I did an internship in Tucson Arizona for a year where I read to the children played with them helped them with dinner helped them clean up the classroom did lesson planning every Thursday to discuss what the new theme was every week. I have hard working skills and time management skills organisational skills social communicational skills interpersonal skills social problem solving skills IT skills

Patrick Not Verified


£45/hr £45/hr

Suzalee Not Verified Uxbridge



A passionate teacher of Computer Science and Information Technology for 15 years: K3 to A Levels. I am known for my creativity in making the most challenging topics appreciated and most importantly to my students... Understood.

Zarafshan Not Verified London


£15/hr £20/hr

Hello, I have 3 years teaching experience I love working with the kids, I really enjoy teaching them and I use different technique to interact with them and to teach them. I have done bachelors in Computer Science and currently doing Masters in Computer science as well.