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Abu Dhabi







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I am an experienced teacher with over 20 years of catering to the diverse educational needs of children. I have taught in 2 countries to students of different nationalities. My methods are tailored to fit the needs of the child and i seek to get the best out of my children at all times.
I paint as a hobby and is especially interested in landscape scenes. This enables me to capture the artistic and creative side of my students. I believe in wholistic learning and thus this particular skill helps to encapsulates their needs and interest and cater to their difference in learning styles.
I am patient because I have learnt that this virtue is very important when dealing with children and their different learning styles and needs.
i believe in a good parent / teacher relationship thats fosters postivity for the child and get the best possible outcome for them.
I have been teaching children in the age range of 4-14 and have seen the fruits of my labour with them achieving their dreams.
I am totally committed to my job and to get the best out of every child.


  • Northen Caribbean University

Teaching Experience

  • Primary
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