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I provide academic support across the board up until Key Stage 3 and tutor Biology, Psychology and Spanish up until A-level. I believe that having an effective method is as important as talent and knowledge when it comes to achieving academic success, and I aim to help each student develop a tailored approach to the exams they are preparing for or the goals they have set out to achieve. I aim to instill in students a genuine appreciation of the subject, whilst making sure that they achieve their full academic potential. I endeavor to make my lessons engaging whilst placing a lot of focus on exam technique, as it is often this, and not a students understanding of the subject, that results in students underachieving; whilst an understanding of the subject is crucial, academic excellence is as much about understanding the exam as the subject.


  • UCL

Teaching Experience

  • A-Levels
  • GCSE
  • KS3
  • Primary
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